The Bere Alston & Callington Railway

Plymouth Devonport & South Western Junction Railway

Southern Railway

BR Southern Region

Closed Between Bere Alston & Okehampton

Great Western Railway

BR Western Region

South Devon & Launceston line Closed




Brentor railway station was on . It opened on 2 June 1890 by the Plymouth, Devonport and South Western Junction Railway as part of its line from Lydford to Plymouth, closed on 6 May 1968. After closure and the track was removed the station was converted to a private house retaining many railway artefacts.


The South Devon & Launcestons line also ran alongside the station but there was no platform. Passenger wishing to alight at Brentor needing to change trains at Lydford Junction Station. Which frustratingly mean that northward travelers had to go through their destination only to return by another train.