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Eggesford Station


Opened on 1 August 1854.The Railway was required to obtain permission from the landowner, the Earl of Portsmouth, whose country seat was situated within an estate near to the site of the station. It is said that the Earl agreed to the railway being built on his land on the understanding that all trains would stop at the station thus affording easy access to Eggesford House for visiting guests.


To this day, all trains continue to stop. But this is probably more as a result of the station being an exchange point for tokens on the Crediton to Eggesford and Eggesford to Barnstaple Token Block sections.


A signalbox was in existence at Eggesford until 1987, however the line has since been rationalised and the passing loop automated with the use of spring points. Token exchange is now carried out by the driver in an unmanned hut located on each platform. The conductor/guard is also required to operate the level crossing at the station as well as this is not automatic. Token release and train signalling is carried out by Crediton signalbox.


In the late 1960s, the down platform and buildings were washed away by the flooded River Taw, following torrential rain. However, a replacement structure was built.