Boasley Cross

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Boaseley Cross


There was never a station situated here, but it is of interest because there are a row of terraced Railway Cottages in the middle of nowhere. They are presumed to have been built as tied homes for railway workers at the time the railway was built. Today they sit alongside the current road and just above the cutting that runs to the rear of the properties.


Near them is the remnants of a bridge over that cutting, the Halwill side of which the cutting has been filled in and one parapet of the bridge has been knocked over. Possibly to allow access to large farm or forestry vehicles.


Terraced railway cottages with cutting hidden below and behind. The bridge is a very short distance behind the photographer in this picture

Bridge over cutting, the demolished stones can be seen lying forlornly in the foreground ontop of the cutting infill, the cutting continues beyond the remaining parapet towards Maddaford

Cutting heading towards Maddaford from the bridge

Filled in cutting beyond the behind where the photographer stood to take the above picture