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Maddaford Moor Halt

For Thorndon Cross


A very long name for a tiny destination. it was an after thought opening on 27 July 1926. In fact it was only ever built to serve a planned spa that was never built, although there was some houses built which formed the hamlet of Thorndon Cross. The station never having many passengers.

OS style map showing the area is still remote and that the track alignment is now a long distance pathway

The 1947 OS mapshowing the remoteness of the area the station served

The station shortly before closure with just a tin shack as a shelter for that rare commodity.... a waiting passenger

A view of the platform remnants around the time the track alignment became the Ruby Way which can be seen continuing towards Ashbury in the distance. Even the fencing posts remain

The track alignment passing under the road bridge on a steep incline. The station being just out of sight round the curve at the top of the climb.

The same view as above in 2013 the platform barely visible behind the brambles as the track continues to wards Ashbury in the distance